Wednesday’s Child – Carter, Age 12, Loves Disney’s ‘Descendants’

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 The following information is provided by Wednesday’s Child, an organization that helps Idaho foster children find permanent homes. 

Meet Carter, age 12. Those who know Carter are quick to share how sweet and empathetic he is and how much he loves hugs from people that he knows. Carter values quality time and being near to others. This young boy has a vivid imagination and enjoys activities that involve dressing up and fighting off the bad guys. Carter wishes that he could fly and shoot laser beams out of his eyes to help in this task, but his brave personality carries him through. 

Spring and summer bring some of Carter’s favorite outdoor activities, like playing in splash pads, participating in 4-H, and getting out on the sandlot for baseball. Carter also enjoys nature walks and watching sports. He will watch just about any sport if someone is watching with him. 

When hanging out inside, Carter likes to play games on the tablet and listen to Christian rock. He doesn’t watch a lot of television, but when he does his go-to show is called Descendants. Some would say Carter is a very big fan of the show by his knowledge of the whole soundtrack and hopes of one day meeting the Descendants cast at Disneyland. Carter has never been to Disneyland but hopes one day he will go with his adoptive family. 

Sometimes a change of environment or a calm redirection helps Carter get the most out of his day, so this young man has a wide variety of interests. Other indoor activities that keep Carter engaged are puzzles, coloring, watching YouTube videos, and helping in the kitchen. He needs a home that can provide him with the close supervision and care that he needs. His permanency team is hoping to find a family in the Treasure Valley area but is open to out-of-state inquiries. A family that has a lot of extra time to give to Carter and attend to his emotional and medical needs will be great for this young boy. 

If you think Carter is the missing piece to your family, inquire today at 

For more information on the Idaho Wednesday’s Child Program, visit, or contact Recruitment Coordinator Shawn White at [email protected] or cell 208-488-8989 if you have specific questions. 

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