Stories Unveiled – 3 CLM ‘Cover Girls’ Team Up for Conference 


By Ashley Sears & Sandy Jones 

This year Ashley Sears, founder of Stories Unveiled, Nataliya Barbin of Hello Beauty Full & Co. and Kelly McMurry with The Closet Inc. have partnered to bring you an amazing women’s event that will change lives for women of all ages. 

The Stories Unveiled Conference is a women’s conference that combines personal stories from women in all seasons of life, as well as biblical teaching and incredible worship. Six women will share the story God is writing in their lives through personal experiences. This year’s conference will be covering various topics such as mental health, forgiveness, trauma, marriage and the negative effects of pornography. 

The 2022 Stories Unveiled conference will be held Saturday, September 24, at Bridgepoint Church, which is located at 2530 S. Broadway Avenue in Boise, Idaho. Doors open at 9:30 a.m. 

When asked ‘how does attending this conference help attendees?’ Ashley Sears answered, “We believe that no one was meant to do life alone and part of being in community is feeling seen and heard. Sharing our story and giving God the glory in our mess is one of the most powerful ways to find freedom. This event has helped women connect with others and help build community. When we partner with churches, we are able to direct women to a church community if they are not already connected somewhere. We also have vendor tables that offer helpful resources such as Christian coaching, marriage resources, porn and sex addiction recovery resources, etc. Women leave Stories Unveiled encouraged, uplifted, challenged and free.” 

When she was asked about the partnership between these 3 dynamic ladies and their ministries, Ashley was quick to say, “Stories Unveiled and Hello Beauty Full first connected after both of our stories were featured on the cover of Christian Living Magazine just a few months apart. We began partnering by combining Nataliya’s love for apparel with a purpose and my own desire to help women live a more authentic life. For almost two years we have been working together to bring biblical messages to women around the Treasure Valley. I later met Kelly, from The Closet, through Hello Beauty Full. When I heard that Nataliya had been helping support The Closet with her t-shirts, I knew I wanted to help as well. It was the stories of the impact The Closet is having on the Treasure Valley that were so moving.” 

During this year’s Stories Unveiled conference there will be a silent auction for those attending in person, with various items and in a broad price range. All money raised by this silent auction will go directly to The Closet Inc. Today, thousands of teens in the Treasure Valley are connected with The Closet through their school counselors, juvenile corrections case managers, homeless shelters and other local agencies. These teens are able to make a one-on-one appointment for personalized shopping, in addition to support and unparalleled compassion. 

“We believe that stories are what connect us. Everyone’s story matters and we know the importance of sharing our own story,” Ashley said. 

For tickets, or more information, please go to or 

The original stories about these ministries may be found on our own website,, under our Past Issues tab: Ashley Sears – Stories Unveiled, published Sept/Oct 2020; Nataliya Barbin – Hello Beauty Full and Co, May/June 2021; Kelly McMurry – The Closet, March/April 2017. 




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