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By Gaye Bunderson 

Can little children really accept Jesus into their hearts and comprehend the value of what they’ve actually done? Sarah Fauth would answer that question in the affirmative. “I accepted Jesus in my heart when I was in kindergarten in Michigan,” she said, “and I felt very close to Him.” 

Now in her 50s, Sarah remains near to her Savior and pledged herself to His service while a teenager. She explained: “Growing up, when I was in high school I was in youth group and it gave me the knowledge of serving others. I went to a national youth ‘Make a Difference Conference’ in New Mexico and made a commitment to God at that time.” 

Sarah trained to be a nanny in Omaha, Neb., where a young man she was dating told her they should move to Bolivia and become missionaries. She countered that a believer doesn’t need to go all the way to Bolivia to be a missionary, that service can be done right at home – and at home is where she ultimately started her own work of helping others. 

In the early 1990s, Sarah met a man from Montana, married him, and lived in the Big Sky state close to her in-laws, who served as pastors. She moved to Idaho in 2002 when her husband received a job transfer. Some 15 or so years later, her husband got his Christmas bonus check and wanted to give his wife something special, so he asked her what she’d like. Sarah told him that two of her favorite Christian singers were coming to town and she’d love tickets to go see them. It turned out that she got to do a lot more than see her favorite faith singers in concert. “I got to serve God at their concert, taking care of their needs,” she said. 

After that, she wanted to serve in that way whenever and wherever she could. She really liked helping the performers and thought she could do more of it with other performers and other events. So when Winter Jam – an annual program featuring a number of Christian artists who travel around the country – was coming to perform locally, she contacted the organizers and was given the go-ahead to work backstage. 

The next step in that journey was in 2018, when a good friend of Sarah’s was on The Extreme Tour. The Extreme Tour consists of a group of artists, athletes, and others – all referring to themselves as “a mosaic,” “an alliance,” and “a movement” – that travels nationally and internationally to team up with organizations, churches, and other institutions to “meet the needs of the disenfranchised and underserved” (from 

In 2019, Sarah was motivated to start making hygiene kits to give out locally and offered to share them with The Extreme Tour members to take and give out to people during their travels. “The hygiene kits help people physically but are also a way to make a spiritual connection with them,” she said. In other words, the kits serve as contact with people who aren’t likely to show up in church, but who can still be reached in practical, meaningful ways. 

That same year, The Extreme Tour invited Sarah to go to Nashville. One of her dreams had always been to be a singer. But God had other plans and told her, “You’re not going to serve Me on the stage; I’m going to use you behind the scenes.” 

The hygiene kits aren’t the only way that Sarah Fauth serves the Lord out of the spotlight and behind the scenes. Her other acts of service include an online project called Beautiful Pieces, an annual holiday Blessing Tree, and work helping victims of human trafficking. Her giving pleases God, aids others, and has also touched Sarah’s mother’s heart. “My mom had gone to a church camp when she was young and had been asked what she wanted to do with her life. She’d said, ‘I want to be a missionary.’” 

Sarah explained that her mother’s desire to be a missionary was dismissed by an adult close to her, so she never pursued it. “But she told me in 2019, ‘Sarah, I prayed for years that one of my kids would grow up to be a missionary.’” 

And now Sarah was doing missions work of all kinds. Though she has at times questioned God, she has not wavered in her belief, and He has not vacillated in His constancy. In 2016, she tore up her shoulder and said she was angry at God, telling Him, “I can’t serve or work or take care of myself.” But He replied, “Just be still and wait on Me.” 

Waiting on God was her pathway to service. 

Her compassion for people trapped in the prison of human trafficking started while she was sitting at a table with other volunteers during a concert. She said she learned some disturbing facts about trafficking in the local area. “I was told that on average 3,000 people were for sale right here in our valley – daily,” Sarah said. “It broke my heart to think children my daughters’ ages were going through that. The next day I laid in bed crying to God and praying how I could help. I started to see the border of a puzzle, with God in the middle, and I kept hearing ‘Beautiful Pieces’.” 

Later, God gave her Jeremiah 17:14. In The Message it reads, “God, pick up the pieces. Put me back together again.” 

“There it was. Things were coming together. I wasn’t able to work physically because of my shoulder injury so God gave me a ‘gift’. He gave me Beautiful Pieces, a mission I got to do for Him,” said Sarah. 

Beautiful Pieces was born on November 17, 2017. It thrives on Facebook and Instagram. Sarah takes puzzle pieces and types prayer requests on them. The requests go wherever people around the world follow on social media, but it is only one of her many areas of service. 

She launched the Blessing Tree in 2018, so far benefiting over 200 people in two states. The Blessing Tree is hosted through Blazen Burger in Nampa. 

She worked at a nursing home during the shutdown that resulted from COVID-19 in 2020. During that time, she helped the elderly residents connect with their families via video because of the isolation orders. “I had the honor of serving God that way,” she said. 

In February of 2020, over Valentine’s Day weekend, she started a Beautiful You project in local homeless shelters to demonstrate the Father’s love to His daughters in the shelters. “It was to show the women there how beautiful they are to God, and how He sees them.” 

The hygiene kits for The Extreme Tour were a Beautiful Pieces project too. 

She said she feels an inner sense about people she encounters who might be struggling. She also prays, “’God, will You show me who’s struggling, and who I can help?’ I ask Him to give me discernment.” 

She hasn’t worked as a nanny for many years. Now she helps people of all ages in so many different circumstances. She never abandoned her desire to help those who are trafficked. She once was a crime victim herself. She was not trafficked and prefers to keep the details private, but it was nonetheless a hard experience. “It gave me a taste of what trafficking victims go through,” she said. 

When asked how she was able to get through that difficult time, she replied, “God gives me strength.” In October of 2021, she was the host of a virtual world conference on equipping, empowering, and informing people on how to collectively combat human trafficking. 

If she sometimes comes off a little different from others, she’s okay with that. “Some people think I’m weird, but I don’t care, because God is the only one who can define who I am.” 

The way she approaches her ministry is simple, and her advice to others is uncomplicated as well. She said: “It’s saying, ‘I’m going to serve you, God,’ and then just being obedient to Him.” 


Beautiful Pieces is now a non-profit as of late January 2022. It is a ministry of Innovative Ministries International. As of early February, Beautiful Pieces became part of the website at Sarah also maintains her presence on Facebook and Instagram. 


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