Publisher’s Corner Who Prayed for Patience and Got a Lesson?


By Sandy Jones 

It was an early summer Friday morning a few years back. Clear blue skies, and I was running a tad behind. If you know me you’re probably asking, “What’s new?” Right?! 

I stopped by the fridge in the garage to grab a bottle of Pepsi out of the 6-pack, and wouldn’t you know it, that silly plastic ring just would not let go. My husband, Steve, offered to help, but in my frustration I waved him off. 

Jumping in my cute little car, I was surprised to see him approaching the driver’s side, victoriously holding my soda. He never ceases to amaze me. I get frustrated and walk away, and he comes along behind me and things just fall in place. 

I thanked him with one last kiss goodbye, reminding him that I had to get going as I was late for the weekly sales meeting. And as the leader it wasn’t good for me to be late – it set a bad example for my team of 6. 

We were living in Kuna at the time and the fastest way to the office was up Meridian Road, otherwise known as Highway 69, a five-lane country equivalent of the Autobahn. As I crossed Lake Hazel, climbing the bit of a rise that’s on that stretch of road, I saw something fly through the air. The car I had at the time was little, and sat low to the ground, and I remember literally telling myself to pay attention because whatever it was I didn’t want to hit or run over. 

I crested the hill to chaos. What I’d seen flying through the air had actually been the back end of a pickup truck that had been t-boned. 

I was not the first on the scene, and people were scurrying about checking on the occupants of the pickup and the car that had hit it, so I quickly pulled over and dialed 911. The pickup driver was life-flighted to the hospital, and I learned later that that individual had became an organ donor. A beautiful gift, in such a devastating time. 

This was not the first time I’d had such a close call. 

A couple years before this, I had left home in a hurry to get to downtown Boise. Upon reaching the on-ramp to the freeway I got behind Granny Grunt, who would have had to stop on the ramp to have gone any slower. Running behind again all I could do was to pray that we all didn’t end up getting killed merging onto the freeway at that speed. Frustratingly I continued to be boxed in behind Granny, for what seemed like ages. 

I finally got around her and headed into Boise. Things were going smoothly until I was about 5 or 6 blocks from my turn, and traffic came to a stand-still. It was a lovely, late spring day so I rolled down my car window and called my sweet hubby to vent a bit. What an aggravating trip to town this had been! 

Steve started to tell me something, and I had to ask him to wait – what was that sound I was hearing? I took the phone from my ear so I could really listen, and that’s when I realized it was gunshots! Gunshots in downtown Boise? No way! I could not believe my ears! 

I told Steve I had to hang up – that whatever was going on, I needed to give it my complete attention. Eventually the police started re-routing traffic another way and out of the downtown area. It wasn’t until later that evening that I learned there had been an actual shootout in the very intersection I had been heading toward. 

Today that now infamous Pepsi sits on my kitchen window sill, still unopened, caved in and discolored, as a reminder to not let things that slow me down get under my skin – to stop and realize that sometimes we get slowed down for our own protection. Maybe it’s God Himself, or perhaps angels He’s sent to form that oft-prayed for hedge of protection around us. 

At the time of this writing we are ending the year 2020 and heading into a New Year, a new beginning, and what so many hope and pray will be a fresh start. We’re all tired of masks, restrictions, mandates, and COVID-19, but we need to remember that everything is all in His perfect timing. 

Not to be cliché, but we don’t know what the future holds but we do know Who holds the future – and perhaps there was a reason for slowing us all down this year. Only time will tell if it’s His perfect timing. 

Regardless, let’s not lose sight of the fact that God is still on The Throne. We’ve read the back of The Book and we know Who wins. It’s ours to believe with child-like faith and trust Him every day. 

Until next time…. 

God Bless 


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