Publisher’s Corner – Spring, Hope, Promise and The Lord 


By Sandy Jones 

Happy spring!!! 

As I write this in April, after what seemed like several failed attempts I believe spring has finally arrived. And with it – all the hope and promise of the rebirth we Christians long for and celebrate in our walk with The Lord. 

I have a Word doc on my desktop titled “Chapters We Don’t Talk About.” We all have them. I wrote it after a pastor friend shared some struggles he was going through with me. My heart ached for him as I struggled to understand the hurt he was feeling. It’s an article I’ve never finished, yet I leave it on my desktop as a reminder to put my best foot forward, especially on rough days. 

As I’ve processed the hurt this friend of mine was going through at that time, it also inspired me to contemplate the saying that there are three sides to every story, since I only ever heard his. While it is true that there’s three sides to every story, sometimes only one side is right. For instance take the story of Jesus clearing the money changers from the temple. Can you just imagine the money changers’ side of that story? How they must’ve justified to themselves, and their friends, how they were right to be there in the temple – weren’t they making it possible for people to make their sacrifices? Regardless of how they justified their actions and motives they were still wrong in the eyes of God. 

Like the money changers, I’m human, and as a human I don’t always get it right. I say the wrong thing. I mis-step. I sometimes have to stop and question my own motives – are they where they should be? Asking, if I have to tell my side of the story, would I only be justifying to myself, or would I be found to be obedient to what God has called me to do? I believe we are all called to search ourselves in this manner, and it is my goal to live that out each and every day.   

I have a sticky taped to my laptop, just below my keyboard. On it is written: 

Whoever keeps his mouth and his tongue keeps himself out of trouble. – Proverbs 21:23 

You see I have the gift of gab, and as one of the “gifted” ones (tongue in cheek sarcasm here),  I have to remind myself that Scripture is clear in warning us what a weapon the tongue can be. I’m challenged to ask myself, is what I’m about to say edifying, is it necessary, is it honest and true? I was far too old when I suddenly realized that just because a thought goes through my mind doesn’t mean it needs to be spoken out of my mouth. 

May and June are two of my favorite months, with so many celebrations. Mother’s Day. Graduation. Father’s Day. Weddings. New beginnings. And here in Idaho, this year it also formally kicks off the political season in a presidential election year. There’s so much strife in our country, I already know I will have to hold myself accountable even more so in the coming months, to remember that I only want my actions and words to bring glory and honor to God, not a person, nor a party, but the King of Kings. 

In the back window of my car I have a sticker that says He>i (He is greater than i). While it’s a true statement, it’s also a great reminder to drive friendly, and with the best manners. Those who know me well are probably laughing right about now. I fall far short of my goal, but I am trying. I’m often amazed at how that little sticker has been a great conversation starter. Often starting something like this: “Hey I like the sticker in your window!” And from there it usually goes one of two ways. The first, “I have one just like it!”, but it’s the second one that touches me the most, and that’s the conversations where these seemingly ordinary folks suddenly open up and tell the most amazing stories about mission fields they’ve served in all over the world. I love those connections, and I love hearing about their obedience and the journeys it has taken them on. How God has used them in some of the most unusual places. The connections they’ve made that only God could orchestrate. I learn so much – all because of a little sticker I put in the back window of my car to hold myself accountable for how I drive and for my own actions. 

Tips and tricks and tools to help me walk the walk I talk about so often. 

Many pastors will share with new Christians that being a Christian doesn’t guarantee an easy life, but it does guarantee that God will never leave you nor forsake you. They talk about how you become a new creation that very moment you invite Jesus into your heart. And they’re not wrong – you do become a new creation, but I have found that like any other worthy skill, if you want to serve God, and bring glory and honor unto Him – it’s a skill you have to hone. You can’t live out His Word, or know what it is He asks of you if you don’t learn His Word, and to learn it, you must study it. 

I’ve never been good at memorizing Bible verses, or at least I didn’t think I was, but for nearly 28 years I’ve been serious about learning His Word. I’m often so surprised when I hear a pastor, or even a televangelist, quoting Scripture and I find myself speaking it with them, word for word.  That’s not from memorizing a Bible verse a week, that’s from digging into the Bible, finding ways to make it come alive so I can better understand it.   

I share all of this in hope that it might inspire some, while reassuring others in their walk with The Lord. Never doubt how much He loves you and that He wants to have a relationship with YOU, but in order to be in a relationship you must get to know Him as well as He already knows, and loves, you. 

Until next time… 

God Bless! 

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