Pray For Rain… And Don’t Forget Your Umbrella


By Vincent Kituku 

A story is told of a pastor who informed his congregation that their Sunday evening service would be devoted to praying for rain. He asked everyone to invite family members and neighbors who didn’t belong to their group. Their region had suffered from drought, and their farmers lost their crops and food for their livestock. Industries that depended on water had financial losses that resulted in the closure of some businesses. 

Word of the prayer service spread fast in the rural community. People were ready for any action that would halt the devastating effects of the drought. The pastor stood at the door and watched members of his congregation and strangers enter the sanctuary. After the initial singing and announcements of that week’s church activities, the pastor said that he had changed his mind on the evening service because people were not ready for rain. 

When the prolonged murmuring and disbelieving gestures that followed his statement settled, he said there was no way God would send rain until people showed Him that they believed their prayers would be heard and have immediate results. No one had brought an umbrella. 

In “Top 45 Must-Know Lessons for Top Achievers,” lesson number 7 states, “Learn to behave as if you know what you are doing. Then know what you are doing.” It is one thing to have faith and totally another ball game to put it into action. 

In 1996, I heard author Tom Peters challenge a group of professionals to send out invitations before working on the content of their presentations if they plan to have a seminar. There is no way I can fully describe the impact his words made on my business. 

Here are key thoughts to ponder as you put your faith into action. 

  • If you are waiting for the perfect conditions before you act, you are a waiter but not a doer.
  • No one knows of your faith unless they see the fruits of your actions.
  • The impact of faith, when put into action, can last longer and reach beyond expectations.
  • No one is known to have had everything they needed before acting on their faith.
  • When you don’t act on your faith, you hurt your future and that of your loved ones.
  • When you act on your faith, you permit and empower others to act ontheir own faiths.
  • You will never know what could happen in your life until you act on your faith.
  • Most of what you need to make your dream a reality will become available once you take the initial step of acting on your faith.
  • If what you are doing is not challenging and there are no obstacles to overcome, then you will probably never know the thrill of achievement.

In August 1995, I attended Toastmasters’ annual convention in San Diego. It was the first time a writer ever autographed a book for me. As I watched Jim Cathcart sign that book, I couldn’t stand still. He had told us that success comes from the moment we start using what comes naturally to us. I had been a scientist and in that moment I realized how much I enjoyed communication. Soon after arriving home in Idaho, I applied for a sales permit without a single item on my hands to sell. I just wrote on the application that I would sell books, CDs and African carvings. Within months, I was not only selling a book I wrote (still on the market) but also signing autographs. 


Get up and act on your dreams© by Dr. Vincent Muli Wa Kituku 

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