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By Rosie Main

Publisher’s Note – see our physical magazine or our e-edition to see the full letter. 

It is beautiful what trust and obedience does when we follow God’s plan and provision for our lives.

This unfolding story begins in November of 2021 when I was given a letter from one of my patients, letting me know that God had told her to pray for me and gave her a premonition.

Of course, at first glance, you want to throw the letter away and put it behind you, but I tried to remain calm and simply set it aside.

Then it happened. In early December 2021, my husband and I got hit by news that would devastate any parent – we were told that one of our twin boys had Type 1 diabetes. We had just returned from traveling for Thanksgiving and had noticed one of our boys, “Cruz,” had strange little physical ‘nuances’ like excessive thirst, fatigue, and heart arrhythmia. I decided after rereading the letter and after prayer to check my boys’ blood glucose. My mother died at 56 from the consequences of Type 2 diabetes and my sister at 47 from Type 1 diabetes. I knew all the symptoms, but of course you never think it can happen to your children.

I checked their blood glucose, and Cruz’s was at a 415 glucose level. I immediately checked what are called ketones in his body, and he was in diabetic ketoacidosis, so we immediately took him to the hospital to get him stabilized. You leave the hospital after two days with all your instructions and the hopeless statement, “Your son will always be dependent on insulin.”

We went home and immediately began to pray for direction on what to do to help our son. I remembered the letter I had been given. Now seeing it with a different light, I knew it was His provision to tell me to trust Him. We began to have even more faith in His direction and I remember thinking “Daniel’s Diet,” a biblical diet taken from the book of Daniel.

My husband began to do research, and as we read numerous books on diabetes, natural cures, autoimmune diets, and lesser publicized ideas on healing, God led us to a plan that would combine our knowledge of nutrition and optimal health with new insights and ways to approach diabetes that don’t get taught even in natural minded physician programs.

In December 2021, with our son freshly released from the hospital, we began to implement a whole plant-based diet for him, with only wild salmon and organic grass-fed meat on weekends. We saw that his sugars were doing better almost immediately. In January and February 2022 we began to reduce the amount of insulin because his blood sugar would go too low at night, which is so much worse than having it high. We began to do lab work to help us find the cause as to what provoked his pancreas to stop working properly. We found out he had gut inflammation, which probably provoked an autoimmune response that attacked his pancreas. We devised a plan to heal his gut, decrease the inflammation, and support his pancreas.

After continued scares with too many low sugar levels during the night, we decided in March of 2022 to remove all his insulin and manage it with a full-blown, vegan, whole food, plant-based diet of just fruit and vegetables. I remember it was Cruz’s idea to go “all in.” As soon as he said he wanted to start this, his twin brother Ty said, “I will do it with you.” Mind you, Ty did not have diabetes, but because of the amazing love and bond they have, he wanted to help his brother. After that we all decided to go “all in.” It was the best decision!

In May of 2022 we wanted to repeat the A1c test to gauge Cruz’s glucose levels over the past three months and find out what effects our extreme diet and protocols had. The diabetes clinic ran the test and the results were astounding. The previous December, when diagnosed in the hospital, his A1c was 10.6; this is extremely high. Now less than six months later, his A1c was 5.6; this is classified as normal. While this was amazing news, we know healing takes time and we have a long road ahead of us – but as the letter foretold, we’re expecting victory.

We continued the plant-based diet along with the autoimmune diet, trying to give his body every potential opportunity to help heal his gut. We also continued the pancreatic enzymes, herbs, and other supplements to help assist him, as well as a host of other microbiome gut supplements to improve the imbalance in his body known as dysbiosis. He continued to not need any insulin, and his glucose continued to range from 90-180, even while eating fruit and other whole food carbohydrates. Many naysayers kept touting the idea that he was in a “honeymoon phase” (a term used to say that within the beginning of Type 1 diabetes, the pancreas is still able to produce insulin). We trusted in God’s promise, and we kept going.

In October of 2022 we redid some important medical tests and blood work, and low and behold, his A1C was 5.4 and his C-peptides were normal (which indicate pancreatic insulin production). He also had very limited dysbiosis. That month we decided to reintroduce foods we had eliminated while following the autoimmune diet and began to see he was fine with that. We also began to introduce wild fish and organic free-range chicken. So far he continues to do amazingly well.

We will continue to do our part as a family, and I hope our story can offer a little light for anyone going through dark times. What the enemy meant for evil, God has turned to good. Victory.

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