God Dots – Rongo, Kenya Church Gets Its First Bibles

God Dots-Wycliff Handing Out Bibles

Pastor Wycliff distributed the Bibles he got from members of  Evangelical Valley Presbyterian Church in Idaho to people who attend his church in Africa. First, the adults were given Bibles, then the young people. (Courtesy photo) 

By Jim Day 

Editor’s note: In the May/June issue of Christian Living Magazine, Jim Day wrote about an email that Evangelical Valley Presbyterian Church in Hazelton, which Jim pastors, received from a pastor in Africa. The small article here, accompanied by photos, is a follow-up to the original article. To read the full original story, go to https://www.christianlivingmag.com/god-dots-african-pastor-calls-small-idaho-church. 


Thanks to the financial support of folks all around southern Idaho, we were able to provide the Bibles requested by the little church in Kenya that as of yet has no name. The church still needs a denominational sponsor (we are working on that), but the Word of God is being taught and heard in the community of Rongo, Kenya. 

Shown here is a photo of Pastor Wycliffe Ouma Oyangore picking up the Bibles as they were delivered, as well as handing out Bibles to the people of Rongo who are now being reached with God’s truth. I truly believe that this is a God Dot. 

Wycliffe and I email several times a week, and he is very hopeful that his church will receive sponsorship before the deadline. Our little church in Hazelton is looking at sending a couple to minister to Wycliffe and those who count themselves members of his church. It is expensive – about $6,000 to send two people over for a week. 

We are looking to the Lord for direction and provision. Please stand with us in prayer. Blessings to all and thank you for your prayers! 


Jim Day is the pastor of Evangelical Valley Presbyterian Church (EPC) in Hazelton, Idaho. He may be reached at [email protected]. 

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