Wednesday’s Child – McKenzie, 15, Imagines a Bright Future 

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The following information is provided by Wednesday’s Child, an organization that helps Idaho foster children find permanent homes. 


McKenzie, 15, is an eclectic and talented teen who does a wonderful job of expressing herself and has a flair for all things artistic. She can often be found drawing Manga; writing songs; practicing special effects makeup; reading; or engaging in her favorite pastime, which consists of sitting on a swing and listening to music. 

Those who know McKenzie best would describe her as a kind and compassionate soul who has worked hard to overcome her past trauma and who envisions a bright future for herself. McKenzie is learning to face her issues head-on, in positive ways, so that she can set a great example for her younger brothers. 

If she could be granted three wishes, McKenzie thoughtfully described that she would “wish for help to be available to everyone who needed it; that children could be raised in good environments so that they could be taught the right things and become lovely individuals that would change the world for the better; and that people didn’t have to lose the ones they love when they need them the most.” 

She believes that everyone has a voice that matters and would love to travel to Washington, D.C. and be able to tell the president that inflation is causing too much homelessness and suffering throughout our country. 

McKenzie does very well in school and aspires to one day attend the Julliard School of Music to fulfill her dream of becoming a singer-songwriter. 

McKenzie and her team describe a great fit in a family for her as one having parents who are attentive, active and who enjoy traveling. Most important to this deserving teen is simply finding a family that accepts her and wants to spend time with her, even if it’s just doing everyday things like eating dinner together. The best fit for McKenzie is a home where she can be the youngest or only child. 

McKenzie has a tremendous amount of strength and courage and is truly an overcomer. The love and support of a committed family is the final thing that she needs in order to be able to reach her full potential in life. If getting to know a bit about this resilient teen has struck a chord with you, inquire today at 


For more information on the Idaho Wednesday’s Child Program, visit, or contact Specialized Recruitment Services Administrator Shawn White at [email protected] or cell (208) 488-8989. 




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