Publisher’s Corner – The Command to Love One Another 


By Sandy Jones 

Before you start throwing the extra tomatoes from your garden, I’ll admit I’m a sinner, saved by God’s Grace, because He extended Mercy to me. 

I never try to do a Publisher’s Corner on my own; I always pray over it, sometimes for weeks, or even the couple of months between deadlines. 

As I started preparing for this issue’s edition of ‘what’s on Sandy’s mind’ I opened a word doc that’s been sitting on my computer’s desktop for some time. It was a note I started as a reminder to myself last year as I was working with a ministry coach. The note says, “God. what do You want me to say yes to??” 

 “God what do You want me to say yes to??” seemed like a great starting point, but what DID He want me to say yes to? I believe it’s this: a reminder to myself that as Christians we are to love one another. It’s not a suggestion – it’s actually a commandment found in John 13. 

 “A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.” – John 13:34-35 NIV 

As I’m sitting here with my head spinning from all of the social media hate and discontent going through it, I’m literally seeing scenes play out in my mind of Christ and the woman caught in adultery. 

Did He beat her over the head with her sin? 

Did He belittle her? 

Did He shame her? 

No. He simply said, “Go and sin no more,” as found in John 8:11 NIV. Yes, it was an order, but it was delivered with love, and I believe, with compassion. 

Recently a song on the radio has caught my attention. It’s got a fun, bubbly melody, which always catches my ear, so I paused to listen. It’s a song Jason Gray released last year called “Jesus Loves You (And I’m Trying)” where he starts by talking about typing a heated response to a social media comment, then deleting it without ever posting it. 

Oh boy did it speak to my heart – how many times have I done this myself? Worse yet, how many times have I not practiced the art of pushing the delete button and been less than loving? 

As we travel through the coming weeks and months, navigating celebrations of things we don’t see eye to eye on; or enduring the coming political debates, and eventually the election itself, it’s my hope that I continue in my endeavor to bring glory and honor to God, our Heavenly Father, each and every day. To keep in mind that the Judgment Seat is only big enough for one butt, His, and that there’s no room for mine to join Him up there. 

He’s called me, commanded me really, to love my neighbor, to correct gently when necessary, and most importantly to remember to remind them how much He loves them, and that He proved it by making the ultimate sacrifice for them! 

Some of you have reached out asking about my husband and his battle with lung cancer. Here’s a quick update. In January Steve suffered a saddle pulmonary embolism that shut the air off to both of his lungs for enough time to cause some cognitive damage. We’re praying that this fairly new complication is not permanent. We know we serve a Mighty God, Who has already stepped in and stopped the progression of Steve’s cancer. We thank everyone who has been coming alongside of us, joining us in prayer, and we continue to covet those prayers. Thank you, too, to the many who have helped, and those who have offered, but haven’t been called on yet –  just wait, your turn is coming! We know everything will be God’s Perfect Will, in God’s Perfect Time. 

AND while I’m saying thank you, I just want to take a moment to thank all of our readers who consistently shop our advertisers. When you do support our advertisers please be sure to thank them for the part they play in this ministry – we simply could not do what we do if it weren’t for their support! 

Have a wonderful summer! 

Until next time… 

God Bless! 

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