Powerful Prayers in Idaho’s Statehouse 

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Longtime readers of Christian Living Magazine may recall that in the September/October 2021 edition, editor and writer Gaye Bunderson featured a story titled, “Doug Armstrong – His Road from Television GM to The Statehouse,” which covered how former KTVB GM Doug Armstrong had turned his love of God into his new calling: serving as the chaplain of the Idaho State Senate at the Statehouse in Boise. 

He finished his fourth year in this role during the 2024 legislative session, and each year he has meticulously recorded each daily prayer where he has lifted Idaho’s senators, the state, and the business at hand up to the Lord. He has subsequently published the prayers word-for-word in annual books. 

Each year’s prayers have their own theme. For example, for the recently completed 2024 session, Armstrong focused his daily prayers on the book of Proverbs, with this year’s book titled, “2024 Idaho Senate Prayers – The Wisdom of Proverbs” by Chaplain Douglas L. Armstrong. 

“Although CLM doesn’t do book reviews, we have found it encouraging to know that prayer to the one true God is welcome in our Statehouse at the beginning of each day the senate is in session,” Sandy Jones, CLM publisher, said. 

She continued, “Doug’s prayers are eloquently thoughtful and encouraging, while also being thought-provoking. Any or all of these books would be a great addition to anyone’s library who may be looking to enrich their prayer life, and all are available on Amazon.” 

“The books are priced as low as Amazon allows for a book this size: $5.95…priced low on purpose. It’s a labor of love, not profit,” Armstrong said. 

The original story can be found on the magazine’s website, www.ChristianLivingMag.com, by searching for “Doug Armstrong” under the “columns” tab. 

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