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A Miracle for the Hall Family


By Gaye Bunderson

Photo: Tom Landry, left, renowned Dallas Cowboys head coach, is shown here withVirginia and Skip Hall. (Photo provided by Suzie Hall)

Skip Hall's best partner in life is his wife of 54 years, Virginia. She followed him throughout his coaching career and was as dedicated to the sport of football as he was. She was also pivotal in leading him to the Lord. But on January 24, 2018, as the couple was packing to go to Arizona, Virginia said her arm was hurting and she was having difficulty speaking.

She suffered a “bleed stroke,” or cerebral hemorrhage, as it is commonly known. This type of stroke is frequently fatal, and Virginia's prognosis was grim.

“God intervened,” Skip said. “Modern medicine is great, but God is greater.”

The couple got a second opinion and was able to get a plan started for Virginia's treatment and recovery. She came through and spent some time in Aspen Transitional Rehab, a subacute facility in Meridian. According to Skip, her second physician intervened, called the facility, and told staff there he thought Virginia had a good chance of getting better. After recommending her for treatment, she was accepted. After several weeks, she improved and then spent time at St. Luke's Elks Rehab Hospital, receiving physical, occupational, and speech therapy.

By later in the year, she was at home and walking with a cane.

“She smiles and laughs,” Skip said during an interview in late 2017. “She's come a long way but has a ways to go. A joyful spirit is evidence of a grateful heart, and that's how she's been since the stroke.”

The couple received lots of prayer support through Facebook, as well as, a website that is a personal health journal that their daughter Suzie helped them connect with. Virginia got 12,000“hits” off the website from people she knew who wanted to know of her progress and help support her.

Over the years, Skip and Virginia have become acquainted with many people through football, business connections, and ministry work they've done. “At each step, each place we've been, we've led a couple's Bible study at our home or hosted men's and women's studies and fellowships or small groups,” Skip said.

Skip is a businessman and public speaker, hosts a radio program, and remains active in the Fellowship of Christian Athletes and Search-Boise, a group for businesspeople.

“I think God designed us for teamwork,” he said. “Jesus didn't do anything alone; He always took people with Him.”

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