1, 2, and 3 – Foundational Questions About The Creator 


By Steve Nelson 

Three questions must be answered by every person when thinking about God. We need to get the first two answered so that we can spend a majority of our time in this article answering question 3. The answers to all the questions are obvious, unless a person’s mind gets filled with misinformation and lies from the world. 2 Corinthians 4:4 reveals that many people have their minds blinded from the truth, unless the light of the gospel shines on them. Thus, we are shining some light from God’s Word on this category for your blessing and understanding. Here are the three critical questions. 

Question #1: Is there a God? Yes! Psalms 14:1: “Only fools say in their hearts there is no God.” The magnificent handiwork of the universe alone proves this absolutely and convincingly. See the beautiful stars and planets, how such massive objects move so fast in such harmony, sustaining life so amazingly on Earth. Then, take a look at human genetics and the order and brilliance of our DNA, as seen in such a simple example of the precise order of amino acids that form thousands of proteins in each of us. It is mathematically impossible for this to have occurred randomly. Or, note the physical senses we enjoy, like sight, in which our human eyes can see at 576 megapixels of detailed color and our minds can hold and process 2.5 million gigabytes of complex data. Just look in the mirror to see proof of a Creator. God is the Author and Designer of all life. 

Question #2: Since there is a God, is that God who created us still actively involved? Yes! Psalms 105:8: “He remembers his covenant forever, the word which he commanded, for a thousand generations.” As documented by this Scripture, God continues to uphold every detail of what He promised, never slacking on His responsibility to His people. Although the “thousand generations” is figurative, even if you take it literally, since Genesis only hundreds of generations have lived thus far. To suggest the Creator spun everything in motion, then disappeared, is ridiculously untrue. No miracles occur throughout history without God still involved. No prayers answered. No eternal truth revealed via the Word of God. No salvation. No victories over evil. No Heavenly Father who cares for His family. God’s business is us! 

Question #3: Since God is actively involved, is God favorable to us? Yes! God likes us. Even more, God super loves us! Not a second goes by when God is not with us, attentively helping us through life, providing us comforting protection and valuable information. His Spirit is with us. His Word is with us. He sent His Son to save us. Psalms 48:14: “For this is our God for ever and ever: he will be our guide even unto death.” God not only sent us a map on how to succeed in this earthly life, but has shown us that He wants to be with us together forever. God is deeply immersed into every fabric of our lives. No matter who, God guides us throughout our entire life. God is so good that His mercy endures forever, even though we should be deserving of terrible consequences for our bad thoughts and actions. God is so loving that He gives us free will, the option to reject His guidance and love. 

Qualities of God: Indeed God is all-powerful. All-knowing. Everywhere. Eternal. But most importantly, God is all-loving. God’s nature is all light, no darkness whatsoever (1 John 1:5). Not even one ounce of darkness. Yet the world constantly questions the character of God, as if God is evil at times or ambivalent. A popular trend in the world today is to twist Scriptures and cause people to misunderstand what is being written, with intentions of making God look evil. Have you been lead down such a confusing path of half-truths and lies? Find someone who knows better and get some clarity in your mind about what the Scripture really says. Therefore, with quality and accurate knowledge, you can build confidence in the goodness of God. You can recognize God’s love. It is not just some phony religious attitude. It is real. He really cares for us (1 Peter 5:7). 

Practical tips on how to see God’s love: 

  1. Gain experience in reading and understanding the Scripture, enabling you to have mental strength and skill in detecting the true source of things, what is good and what is evil.
  2. Know salvation is by grace, thanks to Jesus, but this free gift is not forced upon anyone, merely available to choose by confessing Jesus as Lord and believing God raised Him to life.
  3. Once saved, and thus receiving the gift of the Holy Spirit, a supernatural potential power, you can learn how to use it, including how to discern spiritual things as God works within you.
  4. Learn that God is the Author of Life, not the Author of Death, so you can place your blame for death and evil properly on the Devil and those who walk contrary to God’s ways.
  5. Once and for all, stop blindly and foolishly listening to the world’s opinions of God, and instead show respect for the Truth, God’s own personal declaration of how things really are.
  6. Realize that God allows choice, and freedom to choose evil and wickedness, and only those who seek God and obey God, the righteous, will be rewarded beyond salvation.
  7. Continue to refer back to Tip “A” again and again, since it is the Scripture alone, and nothing else, that defines the qualities of our God, a God that loved us first, despite us being unworthy.
  8. By knowing God’s loving nature toward all, that a kind God is worthy of our love, we can love God back with our whole heart, soul, mind and strength, without reluctance or hesitation.

God is loving! Let’s never forget that. God bless you. 


Steve Nelson has been a Bible teacher for over 25 years. This article comes from “Loving” Segment 1 of “CORE,” a course for families on how to read and understand the Bible. See T4FAMILYCENTER.COM or reach Steve at [email protected]. 

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